Honda Inflatable Range


Our range of inflatables are light, portable and perfect for excursions on lakes or at sea. All Honwave models are constructed using a durable, high quality PVC fabric, providing total usability and enjoyment.

T20 SE2: €699.00
T24 IE2: €949.00
T25 SE2: €899.00
T25 AE2: €949.00
T27 IE2: €1,069.00
T30 AE2: €1,049.00
T32 IE2: €1,249.00
T35 AE2: €1,199.00
T38 IE2: €1,499.00
T40 AE2: €1,399.00

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There are three types of floor to choose from:

Slatted: The slatted Honwave floor comes in two sizes and its light and compact design means it can be folded and stored in just minutes – all by a single person, no problem at all.
Aluminium: But if you take your fun a little more seriously, then our aluminium-deck inflatables are an extra-rugged option. Suitable for just about any nautical need, their extra large buoyancy tubes mean even smoother cruising.
The V-sign: Our air V-floor inflatables are all about performance and agility. Their vibration-dampening floors help soften the ride and their deep-V hull design ensures the best possible stability at virtually any speed.

Options & Sizes:

  • T20 SE2: 2m, Slatted
  • T24 IE2: 2.4m, Air V-floor
  • T25 SE2: 2.5m, Slatted
  • T25 AE2: 2.5m, Aluminium
  • T27 IE2: 2.7m, Air V-floor
  • T30 AE2: 3m, Aluminium
  • T32 IE2: 3.2m, Air V-floor
  • T35 AE2: 3.5m, Aluminium
  • T38 IE2: 3.8m, Air V-floor
  • T40 AE2: 4m, Aluminium

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T20 SE2, T24 IE2, T25 SE2, T25 AE2, T27 IE2, T30 AE2, T32 IE2, T35 AE2, T38 IE2, T40 AE2