Honda HRM3000 Miimo


Miimo intelligently follows the layout of any garden, quietly and finely cutting the grass so there are no unsightly clippings left behind. It’s so clever it even knows when to recharge itself.

Robotic mower that cuts up to 4,000m sq and can be managed by a smart phone app (iOS & Android)


  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Smartphone App
  • Flexible Docking
  • Cutting time and technique adjustment
  • Anti-theft security
  • Washable
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • No noise, no disturbance
  • Great slope and uneven ground capacity
  • Smooth turn
  • Zone management


Area capacity up to 4000 m²
Working capacity 170 m²/h
Maximum incline mowing area 25° / 47%
Maximum incline wire on slope 15° / 27%
Noise level guaranteed* 59 db(A)
Blade type 3 (Swing back type)
Cutting width 220 mm
Cutting height adjustment Electric from 20 to 60 mm
Battery type Li-ion 22.2V / 5.4Ah
Mowing time per charge 90 min
Charging time 45 min
Waterproofing IPX5
Smartphone application** Android and iOS
Docking station position Flexible
Boundary wire and pegs supplied
Length x width x height 710 mm x 550 mm x 301 mm
Weight 13.8 kg