Honda Cordless Batteries & Charger


With a single Honda Li-ion battery, you can power any of the different tools within the Honda cordless range. This means that, not only can you swap batteries between tools easily and quickly, but you don’t need to keep a different battery for every product you own.


  • Fully Weatherproof*
    Sealing of cells enables the battery to be used all year round, whatever the weather.
  • Robust construction
    The 9.0Ah heavy duty battery has an aluminium sub-frame material and a robust outer casing protecting the inner cells, it can even withstand a 2 m drop.
  • Thermo Smart Technology
    Thermo Smart improves heat dissipation from the inside to the outside of the battery for longer lifetime and runtime. Allows continuous high current draw for all day usage and high performance, even under heavy conditions.
  • High Performance
    Delivers constant power supply throughout battery charge


*Only on 36V 9.0Ah DPW3690XA batteries.

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DP3640 XA (4Ah): €179.00
DP3660 XA (6Ah): €260.00
DPW3690 XA (9Ah): €529.00
CV360 XA: €89.00

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DP3640 XA (4Ah), DP3660 XA (6Ah), DPW3690 XA (9Ah), CV360 XA