Honda HHT36 AXB Battery Brushcutter


Our cordless brushcutter powered by a 36V brushless EC motor with direct drive to the cutting head, delivers sustained power during use, with no need for servicing. Straight shaft, bike handle, low noise and lightweight. Operated on our universal battery system.

*Battery and charger must be purchased separately*

  • High performance
    Built to satisfy the needs of professionals, our battery-operated handheld tools deliver the performance and durability you need, from the moment you begin, to the end of the job.
  • Power for professionals
    Built to deliver full power throughout their charge, our interchangeable, fast-charging 9Ah batteries use a clever Thermo Smart technology allowing you to work for longer. Robust enough to withstand a 2m drop, they also feature an LCD display showing you the remaining charge.
  • Honda Universal Battery System
    Our products run on the most advanced battery system in its class. With casings that can withstand real-life rough treatment, all batteries can be changed quickly and used to power Honda’s new cordless range.
  • Fully weatherproof
    We know you don’t want to stop when the rain starts to fall. That’s why our cordless handheld tools are safe to use in all weathers when used with the 9Ah battery, which has a weatherproof coating.
  • Comfortable to handle
    We know you need to be able to use your tools comfortably for hours on end, which is why the brushcutter includes an adjustable harness and a new bike handle for extra comfort


4Ah Battery run time (mins) 60/33Δ
6Ah Battery run time (mins) 90/50Δ
9Ah Battery run time (mins) 135/75Δ
ΔFigures relate to: Blade / Standard bump feed head and line.
Shaft type Straight
Handle Bike handle
Grass cutter attachments: Tap & go nylon head Yes
Grass cutter attachments: 3 tooth blade Yes
Weatherproofing IPX4
Harness Double shoulder comfort
Noise dB(A)* 93**
Dry weight (kg) 6,5
**When using nylon head. Standard bump feed head & line.